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Our tuckpointing company Palatine has a team of professional contractors that are always upgrading skills and tools to provide the most modern practices and materials. That’s how we give you the highest-quality masonry work and tuckpointing Palatine.

Extensive Experienced with Tuckpointing Palatine and More

Whether it’s masonry tuckpointing near the ground or tuckpointing Palatine, our contractors are highly trained, skilled, and experienced professionals. We can deliver on a wide range of projects and know how to handle all kinds of masonry problems.

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We take pride in the quality of our work, and it shows in our long list of happy customers. For flat roof repair Palatine and tuckpointing Palatine, we work until you are satisfied.  

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A Competitive Tuckpointing Palatine & Flat Roof Repair Palatine Experts

When it comes to top-notch masonry and flat roof repair jobs in and around Palatine, A Competitive Inc. is your quintessential choice. As a company managed by veteran experts Lindle and Erine, we assure you that your masonry or other work related to your stoneworks will be in the best of hands and will be in the same condition as it was first installed.
When your brickwork or stonework has an old and worn appearance, it is clear evidence that you need tuckpointing so that it maintains a resemblance to the original colors and in that way, keep your infrastructure alive in visual terms and reinforcement. Being a highly prestigious tuckpointing company in terms of quality work, we always try to go the extra mile to keep our clients as satisfied as possible, regardless of the size of the work.
We also specialize in flat roof inspections in order to provide you with the best advice so that your fireplace remains in the most optimal condition for decades to come. We try to carry out a complete inspection to determine what aspects need to be repaired before proceeding with the respective work, so that in this way you do not waste a lot of money and time on it. If you want to know more information about it, you can contact our operators!

Our Main Services

Tuckpointing Palatine

Our Palatine branch of A Competitive Inc. offers tuckpointing services to make your mortar structure last for many years to come.

Flat Roofing Palatine

With a team of experienced flat roofers Palatine, we can make sure that your commercial roofing functions perfectly to keep water out and maintain a secure structure. With our flat roof repair Palatine, your roof will be in great hands that are skilled and professional.

Our Clients Said

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Bette T. Newton
There is nothing to match a perfectly done tuckpointing Palatine. The masons did a fantastic job on the stonework of our century home. Our building has been restored to its former glory and we are thrilled with the results. 
tuckpointing Palatine IL young man
Donald K. Johnson
This winter we will safely enjoy our cozy fireplace thanks to the expert restoration and flat roof repair Palatine from these guys. They restored the masonry work and repaired the flashings to ensure a safe and functional fireplace.
tuckpointing Palatine IL business man
Harold A. Cross
When our flat roof needed tuckpointing Palatine we called in the best mason's we could find. Their work was impressive, matching the existing mortar and stonework perfectly. We can highly recommend this team.

What Masonry & Tuckpointing Palatine Services
Can You Expect From A Competitive?

Masonry Repair Palatine

We offer you masonry repair services in case the masonry of your infrastructure presents small cracks in its mortar, lack of bricks, etc. We also carry out repairs in damaged areas so that your masonry structure remains in optimal condition and maintains its good appearance for years.

Loose Bricks Replacing Palatine

If your business or home is experiencing problems with loose bricks, our contractors will take care of replacing them with new ones, as it could represent a long-term problem for structural integrity.

Tuckpointing Palatine

Our tuckpointing work consists of removing the old mortar and replacing it with a new one that perfectly matches its original colors, so that its infrastructure maintains its fresh look and reinforces its integrity. We also offer tuckpointing at our Palatine branch.

Masonry Restoration Palatine

If in such case your masonry is not in the most suitable conditions for a masonry repair and tuckpointing work, it is advisable to carry out a full masonry restoration so that its damaged structure can regain its old splendor.

Lintels Palatine

Considered as the main supports for the openings of your masonry structure, lintels must be maintained frequently. We take care of repairing or replacing old, damaged or rusted lintels to maintain the structural integrity of your masonry for years to come.

Windows Caulking Palatine

If in such case your window seals begin to deteriorate, we offer window caulking services to prevent cold air and humidity from entering your home, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Power Washing Palatine

If your masonry or fireplace shows traces of dirt, we take care of removing it through power washing services, using hot water to effectively remove dirt and grime so that your structure looks like new again.

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What do you need to know about Tuckpointing Palatine served by Competitive

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One of the most commonly used materials in construction is brick, whether it’s for commercial, residential, or industrial spaces. Over time, the brickwork will need attention, and a simple masonry repair won’t be sufficient. You would need masonry contractors that will specialize in tuckpointing Palatine services.

Our tuckpointing company Palatine will take care of your bricks so that they will have a completely new look and a fully waterproof seal for your building. The process is to initially remove all mortar joints that have deteriorated over time and replace them with new mortar that closely matches your existing brickwork. Then, a thin line of contrasting colored putty or fillet is carefully inserted along the center of every new mortar joint.

Once everything is done, you will have new-looking brickwork, and rest assured your building is secured. Call our tuckpointing company Palatine today!